Anitra Pearson (aka NitraaB), is a beauty, lifestyle and parenting vlogger based in Alabama. She's a proud mommy of one and often shares her mommy and beauty tips online.

Trendy style meets southern charm when visiting former beauty pageant contestant Anitra Pearson’s channel. Best known as NitraaB, she is a budget-conscious rural-Alabama native who lives by the mantra “the bigger the hair the closer to God—with eyelashes to match! She also shares news about hair, makeup and fashion—including her own signature collections.

She offers viewers thoughtful and useful tutorials about everything from doing laundry to living a happy and healthy life. Her latest endeavor is being a new mother and juggling all the tasks that come along with it. If her accent doesn’t draw you in, then her beauty tutorials, fashion advice and reviews on top products will.


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She is a ray of southern sunshine, always on the hunt for the next best thing. And you can always count on her sharing that “thing” with her immense following.

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